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There must have been many times when you would have thought about renting a classy farm house for a special occasion, but could not get around to it, because of lack of resources to assist you. However, we at Nanda Farms have made sure that such problems are driven away forever. We have been in the business of renting out farm houses for a long time and over the years we have built up an excellent pool of exclusive farm houses that we let out on rent for customers who are looking for an excellent location for having an exclusive party.

Although the use of farm houses for social occasions has been in vogue in India for a long time; but, it is only in the recent years that it has caught on in a big way and these days the first option the people often have when they think of a venue is that of a farm house. When we first started off we had a pool of some of the most exclusive farm houses in the city which we used to provide on rent to our customers but as the demand has escalated we have also increased the number of farm houses we now have at our disposal at different parts of the city. One thing that we can assure you is that when you come to Nanda Farms in order to rent a farm house, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the facilities that you will get.