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Ancient Farmhouses and Secrets

This is not just about one farmhouse. There are many such abandoned structures wanting attention. Recently an abandoned farmhouse was discovered in Wales, the United Kingdom, seemingly untouched for years. The stone-built settlement was full of belongings ranging from black and white photos to cabinets flowing with ornaments. Why did owners abandon the farmhouse leaving behind a fortune is a puzzle to many.

An eighth-century farmhouse was recently unearthed in Israel. A seemingly well-preserved settlement, the farmhouse belongs to the period of Assyrian conquest of Northern Israel. Scavenging through the farmhouse, researchers found a silver coin with the name of Alexander and image of Zeus on it. Further, the settlement had served as a storage house for grains.

Not all farmhouses provided valuables as in the two cases aforementioned. Ancient farmhouses in Japan are believed to be inhabited by large snakes, called, that are tied to fortune and safety. Why the large snakes inhabit farmhouses is a mystery no one is willing to find out.

As a matter of fact, the infamous Old Arnold Estate in Harrisville, Rhode Island, popularized by the Hollywood movie

TheConjuring, was a farmhouse site where eight generations of families lived happily but died mysteriously. As recounted by researchers, only a few survived and had moved on leaving the farm packed with mysteries open for anyone to solve.

The more farmhouses are being excavated, the more our interests rise. It is kind of fascinating to listen or read to secrets surrounding ancient farmhouses but not of all them could sound intriguing. Some secrets are best left as such for a sense of enigma to prevail. As archaeologists across the globe call it for the day, the experience is less than fulfilling for want of answers. On the horizon, with the night approaching, the many yet-to-be discovered ancient farmhouses seem to be covered in layers of the dazed dust of a hundred years.